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Manfred Frickel

October 7, 2015 at 11:52 pm

Can you join there? !

Dear Madam
Talk du / German! ?
You should ausehen about so !!
I am looking for a woman with long, shoulder plies
Harren with me Manfred Frickel Swimming
and also does underwater swimming go !!
You need not be smoking
Because of the health and
the money for !!!
They should be between approx .: 1,65 m and approx .: 1,75 m
Be great!
You should intermediate approx .: 20 years about death: 55 years
Be old !
They should brown, dark brown or
light brown, Kastaniendukelbraune Harre have !!!!!!
You need warm, with Patience have Verstรคntnis
, be its perfect and humor and Frolich friendly !!!!!
I like to go swimming and underwater
But swimming in the pool Mainly
where it’s nice and warm !!
I only lack a woman with me Manfred Frickel does go swimming and I makes me somewhat Gehsellschaft and entertainment !! And about my mother takes care if you or I are also with me sometimes sick or be !!
(encouraged me to something there with her to swim when I want to hear after one round against them / they Mรผster go and say, come one more round and even if I can not erkenen Mar and Dan take a break)
the / she should also make me !! Mรผster
In the back often emerged as a time underwater with me and doing swimming !!
And should toot bear Harre open for swimming and also the underwater swimming
if it does go !!
Manfred Frickel


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