Monofin comparison: Wave or Rapid?

Monofin comparison: Wave or Rapid?

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Choosing the right monofin is hard. Fiberglass monofins are extremely expensive and usually unafforable for the average mermaid. The monofins that I’ve seen that are more affordable and easy to come by are usually made by Finis. I own a Finis Wave and a Finis Rapid, so let me tell you about the differences.

The Finis Wave monofin

The Finis Wave is a great monofin “for beginners”, as most sites say. Children and women’s feet should fit comfortably into the fin, which has a blue blade and black foot pockets. The feet are fastened into the monofin with rubber straps, which is not uncomfortable. When wearing the monofin, one can swim as a dolphin or a mermaid easily.

My experience with the Finis Wave has been really good. It’s a comfortable and flexible fin, allowing a very fluent movement in the water. Because the blade isn’t very wide, it’s easy to navigate your way through the water.

The Finis Rapid monofin

The Rapid is aimed at men and advanced monofin swimmers whose flexible monofins just aren’t up to the challenge anymore. My boyfriend’s feet, however, do not fit into the footpockets of the Rapid, so be carefull if you’re a guy and your feet are on the big and wide side – the monofin will likely not fit.

The Rapid comes in yellow used to come in black, as well, which is the colour I have. It’s a pretty cool-looking monofin that does the job well, but has some drawbacks that the Finis doesn’t have.

Comparing the Wave to the Rapid

The Rapid is a little sturdier than the Wave, though not very much, and the blade is  longer and wider. This is supposed to give you a more powerful kick, resulting in more speed in the water. Personally, I haven’t really noticed this, but this may be due the fact that I’m not competing or trying to go as fast as possible. The rigidness of the blade also makes it harder o.

The Rapid sports a more advanced rubber strap system, which includes a smarter and easier way to adjust the straps. This also means that the straps are longer and will flop around your feet. This has been a drawback for me, because the Rapid’s silhouette isn’t nearly as streamlined as the Wave’s.

So is the upgrade to the Rapid worth is?

If you’re a woman with averge-sized feet and you want to go fast underwater, the Rapid may be the choice for you. However, I found that the Wave and the Rapid do not differ enough to notice it. When swimming with a fabric tail, the Rapid monofin does not speed me up significantly when compared to the Wave, and it does have some drawbacks.

If you’re still looking for a faster monofin…

Get a fiberglass one. I borrowed one from a fellow mermaid for a couple of minutes and was amazed by the extra power it gave me. True, it was also a lot harder to navigate in it, but the extra power really is the only reason to upgrade from a Finis to a fiberglass monofin. I don’t know if I’ll be making the transfer anytime soon, though – the Wave is an excellent monofin that is suitable for many mermaiding activities. The only times I wish I had a fiberglass one is when I’m swimming in the open sea.

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October 25, 2016 at 10:01 am

I’d like to buy monofin but I have a problem with decision. Could you tell me what do you think about Sommap Hydra ( ? I was thinking about Wave but my feet could be too big (I have 39/40 but they are a little wide) and Rapid is more expensive. That’s why I was thinking about Hydra but I’m afraid that it could be less durable.


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